The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice

Objective Investigations of Controversial and Unorthodox Claims in Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry, and Social Work

Current Issue

2009 Volume 7 ~ Number 1

Thinking Outside the Black Box: The Relative Risk of Suicidality in Antidepressant Use
Elizabeth A. Goldstein and John Ruscio

Can Quality Improvement Processes Help Psychological Assessment Meet the Demands of Evidence-Based Practice?

Howard N. Garb, Scott O. Lilienfeld, M. Terest Nezworski, James M. Wood, and William T. O'Donohue

Comparing the Content of Parenting Self-Help Programs with Evidence-Based Parenting Programs
Geoff B. Sorge, Timothy E. Moore, and Maggie E. Toplak

Child Custody Evaluations, Attachment Theory, and an Attachment Measure: The Science Remains Limited
Jean Mercer

Media Watch:
PTSD in the Media: A Critical Analysis of the Portrayal of Controversial Issues
Thomas Armstrong and Bunmi Olatunji

Book Review:
Review of Snake Oil Science: The Truth about Complementary and Alternative Medicine by R. Barker Bausell
Bruce A. Thyer

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